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The Strathglass Trilogy [Digital Download]

The complete award-winning trilogy by Duncan Chisholm. PLEASE NOTE: This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of th ...


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 An Ribhinn Donn  buy£0.99 
 I Horo 's Na Hug Oro Eile  buy£0.99 
 Nuair Bhios Mi Leam Fhin  buy£0.99 
 Big Archie  buy£0.99 
 Camhanaich Air Machair  buy£0.99 
 The Farley Bridge  buy£0.99 
 Craskie  buy£0.99 
 Lorient Mornings  buy£0.99 
 Rubha Nam Marbh  buy£0.99 
 Farewell To Uist  buy£0.99 
 Isaac's Welcome To The World  buy£0.99 
 Waltz Of The Grey River  buy£0.99 
 Mailai Chroch Shli  buy£0.99 
 The Flooded Meadow  buy£0.99 
 The Gentle Light That Wakes Me  buy£0.99 
 Chasing Daylight  buy£0.99 
 The Hill of the High Byre  buy£0.99 
 The House In Rose Valley  buy£0.99 
 Mo Rýn Geal “g  buy£0.99 
 The Erchless Scout  buy£0.99 
 A' Mhairead Og  buy£0.99 
 The Desert Road  buy£0.99 
 250 To Vigo  buy£0.99 
 Unknown Air  buy£0.99 
 Caoineadh Johnny SheŠin Jeaic  buy£0.99 
 The 303  buy£0.99 
 We're A Case (The Bunch Of Us)  buy£0.99 
 Loch Mullardoch  buy£0.99 
 Running The Cross  buy£0.99 
 Alasdair's Tune  buy£0.99 
 Night In That Land  buy£0.99 
 The Exile Reels  buy£0.99 
 Mar A Tha  buy£0.99 
 Farrar [Booklet]  buy£0.00 
 Canaich [Booklet]  buy£0.00 
 Affric [Booklet]  buy£0.00 

Detailed Description

The culmination of six years work, The Strathglass Trilogy - Farrar, Canaich and Affric, is Duncanís musical representation of the ancient Chisholm Clan lands. With such a personal interest in and connection to these Highland glens, Duncan has worked hard to instill great pride and passion into three individual but very much connected musical masterpieces. This unique and inspired idea of producing a suite of fiddle music recordings, influenced by one of the most beautiful wilderness areas of Scotland, gives a solid representation of Duncanís ability to get right to the heart of a tune, and communicate the emotion behind it, in what seems a totally natural way.
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